How To Resolve Sending/Receiving Email Problem In Hotmail?

For security against spam and virus conflicts, Microsoft blocks several email account holders who are involved in spamming. The best example of spamming is mail with Title as “Congratulations You Won 1 Billion Lottery,” “Winner Of Property Claim,” and other such emails with false or misleading information. To avoid email glitches and send/receive emails within specified time you need to maintain your mail account. The recipient or sender must be a registered user to send/receive emails, if some error occurs then the third party email services are best solution for you. Hereby, get to know what’s essential about Hotmail sending/receiving mails.

Types of Hotmail Accounts

Microsoft provides different types of email accounts to meet the needs and requirements of the global users. The email account types have been categorized to allow the users access emails according to their interest and work load. Moreover, Microsoft offers several additional benefits to free users such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, OneDrive and etc. If you are unable to send/receive emails on your free account, do free some space by deleting unwanted email messages and use Microsoft Drive to send attachments exceeding 25MB limit. For such issue you can connect with th technician of Microsoft Support Ireland.

Email Sending Limits

With free Hotmail account, you can email upto 100 different email addresses in a day. The limit also depends on your reputation within Hotmail. The system needs a few days to build your reputation. If you send an email spam over the Hotmail internet message access protocol or post office protocol using an advanced email program such as Yahoo, Apple Mail or Outlook, then you can send mail to upto 100 recipients at a specified time. If you cross the email limits, Hotmail will stop sending your emails. For best results configure your email account with other email accounts.


For resolving the unable to send/receive emails, consider inspecting the receiver email address, sometimes you might type wrong address and face Mailer Daemon errors. The error may even occur due to server issue, so ensure you list email into smaller segments and try sending email again. If the attachment is large, do use Microsoft OneDrive to store and send heavy attachments. For customized solutions, Contact Hotmail Technical Support for quick help.

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